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Photograms - Sun prints with children

Friday, 21st July 2015

The sun is out and it's time for some fun with children and cyanotype prints are just right for this. Photograms are a type of cyanotype print when objects and shapes are placed directly onto the coated paper which is then exposed to the sun.

To create a photogram sun print you will need a paper coated with the cyanotype solution. You do this by mixing equal amounts of the A and B soloutions and brush it evenly on the paper.

Let this dry and you are ready. Get the children to gather objects, anything will do, it's up to their imagination. We were doing a pacman sunprint here.

It's a good idea to weigh the objects down with some perspex so that they get a close contact with the paper, we use some from an old picture frame. Put it all out in the sun and watch it change in colour. It should turn from yellow to a blueish and finally a grey colour. This is when the print is done. This can take from a minute to half an hour depending on the weather and the strength of the sun.

Now you can get the children to wash the print in flowing water in a large tray or tub. The print will turn a beautiful blue colour that will deepen even more during the drying process.

Once you prints are fully dry they will keep for many years. These sun prints also look great framed.