How to use our pre coated paper

Coated Cyanotype Paper

Our new product pre coated cyanotype paper is ideal if you want to try the cyanotype process. Perfect for beginners, children and schools projects. You can create a variety of designs by choosing a mixture of opaque and semi-transparent objects that will fit on the paper. This is called a Photogram, alternatively you can reproduce a photograph by placing a negative printed on a transparency on the pre coated paper. You can also mix these two techniques.

How to create Photograms

We will show in this article how to create a Photogram using our pre coated paper. This can be a fun activity for children and an eductional project in schools.

It is important to work under low light while you compose your design otherwise you have to work very quickly as the paper starts to expose in sunlight. If you are using a transparency or thin objects you need to cover them with a piece of glass or perspex to ensure good contact with the paper.

Once you have finalized your design you can head outside and expose it under sunlight or use a UV lamp. A UV lamp will give more consistent results. If you use the sun, exposure times can vary based on the amount of available sunlight, cloud cover, time of day or time of year. 

UV lamp exposure

During the exposure watch the uncovered areas of the yellowish-green coated paper, these will turn to a blue-grey colour when the Cyanotype is fully exposed. 

Once exposed, a simple water bath washes off the unexposed Cyanotype solution. Immerse the exposed print in gently running water (or several changes of static water), until the yellow has entirely disappeared from the paper and the water runs clear.

After washing as your print dries it oxidises and it will gradually turn to a darker blue.

The final result


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