Beginner’s Guide to Cyanotype by Kim Tillyer

Learn to use the cyanotype process on fabric, note cards, paper and so much more!

Create a beautiful blue coloured world using this amazing printing process with detailed instruction from popular crafter Kim Tillyer.

Crafters will learn how to apply a special light-sensitive solution to various surfaces and witness the transformative effect of sunlight or UV light, as their creations magically turn into vibrant blue works of art. What makes cyanotype particularly appealing is its versatility, as it provides a fun, accessible, and affordable means to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary blue-hued keepsakes.

Whether you are a budding artist in search of a new creative outlet or an individual seeking to infuse your gifts with a mesmerizing blue hue, “A Beginner’s Guide to Cyanotype” will serve as your ultimate beginner-friendly guide. You are guided on how to use cyanotype printing on a variety of surfaces and unlock the potential of this enchanting artistic process. With Kim Tillyer’s expert instruction and inspiration, you will embark on a journey of artistic exploration, creating unique and captivating cyanotype masterpieces that reflect your individual style and vision.

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