Cyanotype Exposure Times for today Tuesday 18/06/24

Please note that the times below are approximate for sunlight exposing between 10am & 4pm.
Sunny:     2m 30s
Light cloud:     6m
Medium cloud:     25m

Sunny = Clear sky.
Light cloud = You can clearly see the sun’s position through the clouds.
Medium cloud = You can not see the sun’s position through the clouds, but the clouds are bright.
Heavy cloud = It is not possible to give a time for dark heavy winter clouds. It can be more than 2-3 hours.

Times are based on the conditions below:
Exposure time: Between 10am & 4pm.
Location: Central UK, exposure outside, clear view of sun’s position without obstruction.
Glass: No (Some glass will filter UV light and may need a longer exposure).
Coating: Classic Formula on paper (dried overnight).

These times are only a guide to help exposing with the sun, you may need to adjust exposure times to suit your setup. Always do a step test if you need more accurate timings.

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